Boat Storage, Service, Power washing, Shrinkwrapping & Winterization

2x Loyal Points on Winterization / Storage servicesask Sales associates for details

Why store your boat/pontoon with Stryker’s Lakeside Marina?

Convenient and Easy. Drop your boat off at the dock, leave us your keys and we’ll take it from there. A quick call in the Spring and we will have it back in the water ready to go. Not on our water, no problem,we will be happy to meet you at the ramp on your lake.

Manufacturer OEM parts. We use all OEM products and parts for all our service. Oil filters, lubes, fuel conditioner etc. Stryker’s includes oil changes in all 4stroke winterizing. This helps to keep your boat on the water longer during our short summers. We also provide 3 package on all I/O winterizing to insure your boat gets the proper maintenance that it needs. We also use -100 below MARINE grade anti freeze.

Experienced Professional team to take care of your boat. Stryker’s has been in business since 1983 and has an experienced core group of employees, some who have been with us for over 20 years!

Shrink wrap done in a controlled environment with 7mil shrink wrap and a wooden support system, which is strong enough to withstand Michigan winters. If shrink wrap is not done properly the wrap itself can burn as well as the seat backs. Shrink wrapping outside in the wind and rain can cause fire and/or damage.

Secured storage lot. We have over 8 acres of storage area with racks for 144 boats, that is locked and secure over the winter.

Please email or call for pricing and packages: 989-689-4555